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Name:Fettuccini Sauce (No Cholesterol) Contributor:Leigh Ann Hussey
Description:Low-fat, no cholesterol sauce for fettuccini Posted:1994-09-07
Key words:no cholesterol, sauce Category:Sauces
ID:106 Updated:2005-12-11 10:01:10
Ingredients:See instructions
Preparation:Starting problem: Help. I need a good, low-fat, no cholesterol sauce for fetticcinni.
Any ideas?
Well, this is somewhat problematical. Obviously, all the neato ingredients like cream, pine nuts and cheese are out. Low-fat means minimal olive oil, free of cholesterol though it be. So here's a plan:

Get some dried wild mushrooms -- anything's cool, though porcini are probably the ideal -- put them in a bowl, pour hot water over, let 'em reconstitute, and chop 'em up. Save the water.

Get a teflon pan. Heat it dry over medium heat and saute onions, stirring constantly, until they caramelize; raise heat, add 1/4 c sherry (decent quality, PLEASE, nunna that salted shit they sell as "cooking sherry") and cook and stir until nothing's left but the sherry flavor -- all liquid should have evaporated. Get 'em out of there into a big saucepan.

Get a can of peeled plum tomatos with basil. Open it, drain the juice into the aforesaid saucepan, then squeeze each tomato in your hand over the pan (so the bits squoosh out into it). Start a fire under it. Add as many cloves garlic as desired. Roast, peel and chop two ancho peppers (or other mild, but flavorful, peppers -- no bells!), and add them. Add 1 teaspoon each dried: tarragon, basil, oregano. Simmer until thick, then throw in the mushrooms and mushroom water. Simmer a little more, then throw it over your pasta.

Eat up,

- EC
Notes:EC sez: I think I invented this for Da Pope.

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