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Name:Lima Bean and Banana Pizza ala Da Pope Contributor:Bill Johns
Description:Da Popes Lima Bean and Banana Pizza Posted:1994-09-19
Key words:Cookoff, humor Category:Main Dishes
ID:115 Updated:2006-04-02 11:27:29
Ingredients:pizza dough
any good pizza sauce from any bottle
Honey&Smoke BBQ sauce
low fat mozerella cheese
Parmesan cheese
pickled artichoke hearts
cooked lima beans
fresh basil
Feta cheese
Preparation:I presume that you can deal with getting a pizza dough into shape. If pressed, make a white bread recipe and punch it down 3-4 times and allow for a longer rise each time. This will make for a tighter texture, firmer bread.

Note, when kneading bread dough, don't fold or cut the bread the last couple of rises, merely punch down and massage. This will keep the gluten strands continuous and make for a nicer bread.

In any case, any good pizza sauce from any bottle. Mix in a little Honey&Smoke BBQ sauce. This will provide a tang, and allow you to admit to creating a totally new pizza sauce just for the occasion. If you do not measure anything, it is new each time you do it!

Unless you're making Mystic Pizza (tm), I don't feel the sauce adds more than color, tradition and a bit of salt. I rarely use much. YMMV.

Ladle on a nice layer (whatever you consider nice) of sauce.

I next apply a nice layer of low fat mozerella cheese, a little Parmesan.

Slice bananas into strips the long way and arrange in a radial fashion on the pizza.

Arrange some pickled artichoke hearts in between the slices of banana. Hard to put too many on. I've tried and never found the limit.

Sprinkle cooked lima beans evenly over top to taste, but you gotta put _some_ on, or you ain't following the recipe!

Next some fresh basil. Expensive, but worth it. Do like I do and grow your own.

Finally, a >generous< layer of Feta cheese. Costco sells it precrumbled. Key ingredient. Don't forget the Feta cheese!

Bake at 400-450 F more or less until the crust is done.

Watch the disbelievers have a hard time admitting it's good, and ask for more.
Notes:Ride Free, eat what's served.

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