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Name:Caesar Salad Contributor:Chuck Hartshorn
Description:A delectable caesar salad - note that this recipe is as the Goddess intended, with anchovies Posted:1994-10-03
Key words:salad, caesar Category:Salads
ID:158 Updated:2005-11-26 12:25:00
Ingredients:1 garlic "sub-clove"/person
fillet of anchovy/person
1/2 fresh lemon
1/8 c red wine vinegar/person
1/4 c olive oil/person
worcestershire sauce/1 dash per person
1 tsp Grey Poupon mustard/person
1 caudled egg
dash of salt
fresh ground pepper
romaine lettuce/1 head per 4 persons
parmesean cheese
1/4 cup croutons/person
Preparation:The romaine lettuce should be cleaned, cut and wrapped in a smooth-finish dish towel to absorb water. Any water from washing will dilute the dressing.

Remove garlic skin and dice. Place garlic chunks in a large serving bowl. Begin grinding the garlic into small chunks with a fork. This releases the oil from the garlic and coats the serving bowl with a garlic flavor. Then remove the small garlic chunks as you do not want the diner to bite into a chunk of garlic. As well, no one individual element of the dressing should stand out, it should be a complimentary blending of tastes and bouquet. Prepare the anchovy fillets by dicing. Then place the diced anchovy into the serving bowl. Place the lemon into a cloth and squeeze the lemon juice through the cloth and on top of the diced anchovy. The cloth filters out lemon membranes and seeds. The citric acid in the lemon juice helps break down the anchovy as you mascerate the anchovy into a paste with a fork in the serving bowl.

Now measure the appropriate amount of red wine vinegar based on the number of people to be served and place it into the serving bowl. Likewise place the appropriate amount of olive oil into the serving bowl. Place the egg yolk and egg white into a small container so you can lightly whip it with a fork. Once the yolk and egg white are mixed, place the result into the serving bowl. The egg helps the dressing to adhere to the lettuce. Then add the dashes of worcestershire sauce, the grey poupon mustard, salt and pepper. Then mix the ingredients in the serving bowl by swirling a fork in the mixture. It's not a pretty sight but it does smell good. Don't be afraid that the red wine vinegar tastes/smells strong as the parmesean cheese neutralizes its potency. It is a good idea to take a teaspoon and taste the dressing at this point. If you are
going to alter the composition of the sauce this is the time to do it.

Add the romaine lettuce in the serving bowl just before serving. Add liberal sprinklings of parmesean cheese. Add approximately 1/4 cup of croutons per person. Mix well to assure the dressing on the bottom of the bowl coats the lettuce.

You can then leave the salad in the large serving bowl or serve the salad on chilled salad plates. If you use individual salad plates, serve the salad and then add a light sprinkle of parmesean cheese for an attractive appearance.

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