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Name:Marsala Contributor:Richard Johnson
Description:Wetleather Marsala (winner, 1993 cook-off--all three ingredients category) Posted:1994-09-29
Key words:tofu, lima beans, Cook-off, Indian Category:Main Dishes
ID:162 Updated:2006-04-02 12:17:18
Ingredients:1 pkg tofu (use the stiff kind)
1/3 c (or so) buttermilk
some lima beans (1/2 cup or so?)
marsala spices: (marsala is an individual thing. Generally the spices involve mixtures of curry and cardamon and pepper and fennel and other nifty Indian things. You can roll your own, or get some pre-mixed marsala/curry spices from an import shop or good grocery.)
Soak the beans for a good while. Warm up a skillet or wok. Chop up the tofu into edible-sized squares.

Saute some of the beans in the buttermilk. Add some of the marsala spice. Add some tofu.

After a while, the beans and tofu will soak up buttermilk. If you want it runnier, add more buttermilk.

Repeat the above steps, seasoning to taste and cooking until you're more-or-less satisfied with the consistency or are hungry enough to eat it no matter what it looks or smells like.

Serve this with or over rice. When I did this, it made enough to feed Da Pope twice, and several people once, and I still had stuff to throw away. Maybe you want smaller amounts of ingredients.

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