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Name:Flaming Steak Diane Contributor:Chuck Hartshorn
Description:Impress your friends and loved ones by torching thier dinner right before their eyes. Posted:1994-10-03
Key words:steak, diane, flames Category:Main Dishes
ID:166 Updated:2005-11-27 13:23:04
Ingredients:1 Tbsp shallots/person
1/4 c mushrooms/person
1/2 Tbsp parsley/person
fresh ground pepper
1/2 c Madeira Brown Sauce/person
~1 Tbsp Escoffiere Diablo Sauce/person
~1.5 oz Burgundy/person
~1 oz Brandy
New York steak, approximate thickness 3/4" - 1"
Preparation:Prepare Madeira Brown Sauce, e.g. use your favorite brown sauce and add Madera wine for flavor. Chop shallots, mushrooms and parsley. Collect remaining ingredients near the area you are preparing the Steak Diane. Be carefull with the Brandy near your heat source.

Heat pan with just enough butter to lubricate the pan; I add a splash of Burgundy at this point as well. Once the butter is melted, place the New York steak(s) in the pan swirling them in the bottom of the pan to cauterize the meat. I prepare this with a French Service set, which is a fancy name for describing a large spoon with a fork set on top of it. This setup works great as both a "tong" to turn food and to ladle sauces. Salt and pepper as desired.

I then place half of the shallots on the steak(s) and continue to ladle the butter/wine/steak juice on top of the steaks and shallots. You can tell how well down the steaks are by feeling how tender the meat is. Feel free to add more Burgundy as the sauces evaporate. Turn the steaks over and place the shallots on top again; they will char if you don't do this.

Add the remaining shallots and mushrooms and moisten with Burgundy. Wait a minute or two to do this if you want [over]done meat. Add the Madeira Brown Sauce, Escoffiere Diablo Sauce. Let simmer briefly, then ladle the sauce onto the steaks.

Move the steaks and sauce near the handle side of the Saute' pan. Continue to heat the pan with most of the heat focused on the empty area of the pan (this is the flaming zone). Pour 1/2-1 oz of Brandy and light. This will flame vigorously, so please be conservative on the amount of Brandy until you get a feel for the size of flame to expect.

While flaming, you can stir the brandy into your sauce with your French Service. Immediately, remove the steaks and place on your dinner plates. Ladle the sauce with shallots and mushrooms on top of the steaks and then sprinkle with parsley. And then enjoy!

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