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Name:Bananas Flambe' Contributor:Chuck Hartshorn
Description:Yet another of Chuck's opportunities for you to impress your kin, or lose your eyebrows.This dish is very Posted:1994-10-03
Key words:banana, fire Category:Desserts
ID:169 Updated:2005-11-26 00:52:23
Ingredients:1 Tbsp butter per person
2 Tbsp brown sugar per person
powdered sugar
~1/2 banana per person
1-2 oz banana liquer
1 oz rum
french vanilla ice cream
Preparation:This dish is very good, but requires a certain touch to create just the right consistency of carmel sauce. That is, not too grainy and not too runny. It's better to have be more runny than too thick.

Prepare bananas by slicing into ~1/4 inch discs. Collect remaining ingredients near the area you are cooking the Bananas Flambe. Be careful with the rum near your heat source. Scoop one well rounded scoop of french vanilla ice cream and place in serving dish and place serving dish and ice cream into the freezer for chilling.

Heat pan with 1 tablespoon of butter for each serving to be prepared. I recommend preparing this dish on a med-high to high setting on the stove. Immediately ladle in the brown sugar. Ring the brown sugar with powdered sugar. Put 1 ounce of banana liquer in.

Now, stir the mixture until you see light bubbling and the sugar crystals are eliminated. A touch more banana liquer may be needed. Put the sliced bananas into the carmel sauce. Put slightly more banana liquer into the sauce. Move carmel sauce and bananas near the handle side of the saute' pan. Continue to heat the pan with most of the heat focused on the empty area of the pan (this is the flaming zone). Pour 1/2 - 1 ounce of rum and light. This will flame
vigorously, so please be conservative on the amount of rum until you get a feel for the size of flame to expect.

While flaming, you can stir the rum into your sauce with your French Service. Don't let the bananas cook too long. Remove the ice cream and dishes from the freezer and ladle the sauce and bananas over the top.
Notes:If you have remaining sauce, you can save it in a container for the next morning and serve over pancakes for some really good (tm) Banana Flambe' syrup!

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