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Name:Flaming Coffee Cloud 9 Contributor:Chuck Hartshorn
Description:More fire, this time with caffeine Posted:1994-10-03
Key words:coffee, fire Category:Beverages
ID:172 Updated:2005-11-27 13:18:06
Ingredients:1 oz Courvosier, or any V.S.O.P. or better cognac, per serving
1/2 oz Tia Maria per serving
1/3 oz Kahlua per serving
whipping cream
lime wedge
granulated sugar
vanilla extract
instant coffee powder
Preparation:Prepare whipping cream by first mixing vanilla and granulated sugar, then
whip by hand or by a mixer. You may optionally mix an instant coffee
powder with this, Sanka works well. Set aside.

Prepare strong black coffee.


Turn the lights down in the room.

Coat the rim of a medium sized brandy snifter with the lime wedge. Dip
the brandy snifter up-side down into the granlated sugar to coat the rim.

Light the sterno and use the open flame to warm the snifter. Warming the brandy snifter consists simply of twirling the snifter in the flame. Don't leave the snifter in direct contact with the flame for long.

Then pour the cognac into the snifter and light. This produces a blue flame which melts the sugar and creates a really nice foundation with which to sip the resulting after dinner coffee from.


If you did not follow the optional prepartion, then pour the cognac into
the medium-sized brandy snifter. Add the Tia Maria and then the Kahlua. Pour
an equal amount of strong, black coffee or about 3 ounces. Add 1-3
tablespoons of the whipped cream.
Notes:Sit down and slowly enjoy this after dinner pleasure. Drive carefully after

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