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Name:Shrimp Scampi Contributor:Chuck Hartshorn
Description:A lovely standard recipe for shrimp scampi Posted:1994-10-04
Key words:shrimp Category:Main Dishes
ID:176 Updated:2006-04-07 17:31:57
Ingredients:3-6 shrimp per person depending on size
~1/4 c butter per person
1 tsp garlic powder per person
1 tsp white pepper, only slightly more or less based on servings
2-3 cloves fresh garlic per person, diced
1 oz dry white wine per person
1/2 fresh lemon per person
1 oz vodka
1 slice toast per person
Preparation:Shell and de-gut the shrimp. Butterfly the shrimp by carefully slicing the
outside curvature of the shrimp without slicing all the way through.

Remove the outer membrane.

Toast the bread and remove the crust from each of the four sides. Then
cut each slice into four triangles. Arrange the slices on the serving plate
either in a straight line with the point up or form an overlapping
rectangle. This creates a bed to place the cooked shrimp upon and soaks
up the Scampi sauce and may be subsequantly eaten.

Place the butter into a saute pan. A medium high setting works well for
the stove element/burner. Then as the butter begins to melt, place the garlic
powder, white pepper, fresh garlic and white wine into the pan. The lemon should be placed into a cloth and the juice squeezed into the pan.

Once the butter is nearly melted, begin placing the shrimp into the pan
with the freshly sliced and butterflied side down. Ladle the sauce over the
shrimp continuously. When the edges of the shrimp begin to turn white you
may flip them over.

Sprinkle liberally with paprika and parsley over each shrimp. It's
difficult to get too much on as some will wash off when you ladle the
sauce over the shrimp. Now, you don't want to overcook shrimp as it becomes
quite tough to chew, so please move efficiently. Continue to ladle the sauce
until the shrimp is nearly completely white and has lost its translucent
appearance. Move the sauce and shrimp near the handle of the pan and
focus the heat on the opposite side of the pan. This is the flaming zone.

Place the vodka in the "flaming zone" and light. Vodka isn't a strongly
flamable liquid, but if the pan is sufficiently hot you will obtain a
moderate flame. As the flame dies down, mix the vodka into the sauce and
ladle over the shrimp. Serve onto the toast and ladle the sauce
generously over the shrimp.

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