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Name:Very Strong Ale or Barley Wine Contributor:Tony Wright
Description:WOW! My favorite! (Sez Tony) Posted:1994-10-22
Key words:beer, ale Category:Beverages
ID:191 Updated:2005-11-25 22:25:57
Ingredients:12# English Light Malt Syruo Extract
2 t gypsum
1/2 t epsom salts
1/2 t irish moss
Bittering hops -- 1 1/2 oz Stryian Golding Hops; 1 1/2 oz East Kent Golding Hops (or alternatively 3 oz kent golding)

Aroma Dry Hop -- 1/2 oz Stryian Golding; -- 1 1/2 oz East Kent Golding

Use an English brewery ale yeast that can survive at high alcohol levels.
Otherwise, it will be too sweet.

3/4 cup corn sugar
1/2 t ascorbic acid (vitamin C) for preservation
Preparation:Boil for 1 hour. Add hops at 20 minutes. Add irish moss at 30 minutes. At
end of boil, move pot off stove. Add dry hops and cover. After fermination,
mix corn sugar and ascorbic acid. Bottle and let rest as long as you can.
Barley wine can be stored for several years.

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