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Name:Elys in Counfy Contributor:Leigh Ann Hussey
Description:Medieval dish of fried freshwater eels in a savory fruit sauce Posted:1994-03-10
Key words:SCA, eels Category:Side Dishes
ID:20 Updated:2006-04-01 14:04:36
Ingredients:2 eels, skinned and sliced crosswise
1/2 c pine nuts
1 Tbsp olive oil
1 c blanched almonds
1 c white wine
1 Tbsp ginger mixed with 1 Tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp each: cloves, mace, pepper
a little fresh grated ginger
Preparation:Grind the almonds together with the wine; set aside.
Heat olive oil in a pot and fry the eel slices with the pine nuts. Put the ginger/sugar mixture in the pot and stir around 'til each eel slice is coated. Add the almond milk and other spices, cook just until hot through, sprinkle with salt to taste and just before serving top with grated fresh ginger.

If folks don't find this appetizing (no comments about Lord Randall, thanks), feed them roast eels with the following white garlic sauce from LE VIANDER DE TAILLEVENT: 3 cloves crushed garlic mixed with 3 slices worth of bread crumbs, moistened to whatever seems like the right consistency (about that of Mexican salsa) with a mixture of 1/2 white grape juice and 1/2 vinegar.
Notes:For the feast, we went light on the eels, for fear of there being not
much enthusiasm for them, but to our astonishment, they were eaten all
up. Expansion: 6 eels, 1.5 c pine nuts, 3 T oil, 1.5 t
3 T sugar/ginger, 1 c almonds, 3 c wine...

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