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Name:Turkey Leftover Suggestions Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Lots of ideas for what to do with leftover Turkey Posted:1998-12-24
Key words:turkey, leftovers Category:Other
ID:219 Updated:2006-04-09 14:59:12
Preparation:As the season lays heavy upon us, and this will be our second
'opportunity' to deal with that classic banquet, the turkey,
here are a few suggestions for dealing with the inevitable
surplusage. If you don't have a surplusage, you're a Scrooge;
even the Cratchetts, on their limited budget, were able to
exclaim "We haven't eaten it all, at last!".

blackened turkey
deviled turkey on toast points with fresh grated horseradish
potted turkey
smoked turkey jerky
smothered turkey creole style with Basmati rice
spicy turkey omelette with grated cheese
steamed turkey pudding
turkey ala king on cranberry waffles
turkey aspic (tomato, turkey stock, and turkey gravy layers)
turkey bistilla
turkey borscht topped with creme fraiche
turkey boudin
turkey bread pudding
turkey cornbread with pineapple and jalapenos
turkey couscous
turkey cranberry sage muffins with pecan butter
turkey crepes
turkey croquettes with cranberry cumberland sauce
turkey curry
turkey custard with matsutake
turkey enchiladas
turkey fahitas
turkey frittata
turkey goulash
turkey gumbo
turkey gyros with tahini sauce
turkey hash
turkey in coconut rice cooked in pandan leaves
turkey marengo
turkey mole' poblano
turkey nachos
turkey noodle soup
turkey pasties
turkey peanut soup
turkey piroshki with garlic grits
turkey pizza: jerked turkey pizza
turkey pot pie
turkey quiche with onions and roast garlic
turkey ravioli
turkey rice casserole
turkey rissotto with saffron and roast garlic
turkey salad: szechuan
turkey salad: tuna salad style
turkey salad: vietnamese
turkey sandwiches: hot, with stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy
turkey sandwiches: curried turkey sandwiches with chutney
turkey sandwiches: with stuffing and mayonnaise and cranberry jelly
turkey sauce au poivre over garlic pasta
turkey souffle
turkey spring rolls Vietnamese style
turkey stew with cranberry dumplings
turkey stir-fry with wild mushrooms
turkey Stroganoff
turkey stuffed baked potato (use yogurt)
turkey stuffed eggplant
turkey stuffed peppers
turkey stuffed squash
turkey sushi with sweet potato tempura
turkey tacos
turkey thom kha risotto
turkey tortellini
turkey turnovers
turkey waldorf
turkey wat with enjira and cottage cheese
turkey/potato shashlik with fennel
turkeyburgers with sweet pickles

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