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Name:BLUE FLAME Rice Wine Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Blue Flame Rice Wine Posted:1999-03-23
Key words:rice, wine Category:Beverages
ID:243 Updated:2005-11-26 12:28:13
Ingredients:4 qts water, divided
6 c of unpolished rice
2 c white raisins, finely chopped
6 c sugar
1 pkg dry granulated yeast
1 crushed eggshell (used final week of fermentation)
Preparation:This is part of the Blue Flame brewing article.

Combine rice and raisins in kettle or large pan with 2 quarts of water. Dissolve sugar in remaining water over low flame. While still hot, stir into rice-raisin mixture. Let cool to lukewarm and sprinkle yeast over surface. Set in warm place to ferment two weeks. Stir every day from the bottom to prevent rice from forming into lumps.

After two weeks strain through jelly bag and return liquid to pan for additional week of fermentation. Sprinkle crushed egg shell over surface of liquid at this time. This will settle and clear. Siphon into [bottles and cork] lightly until fermentation is definitely over - then cork tightly and seal with paraffin. Keep for six months at least. However, a year's aging really makes this worthy.

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