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Name:Smoked Mozzarella Contributor:Matt Blumenfeld
Description:Speak to me of barbecue: It's not meat, but try this Posted:2002-08-31
Key words:smoked, mozzarella Category:Appetizers
ID:256 Updated:2006-04-09 10:06:48
Ingredients:A couple of lbs (or more.. this stuff is popular) of mozzarella cheese.
A pie pan
A METAL jello mold
A smoker
Preparation:Get a metal jello mold in the shape of something you like. Grate up enough mozzarella to fill the mold a little above the edge. Fill the pie pan with grated cheese... you'll see why later. Put the mold and the pie plate in the smoker and leave it alone for a while. When the cheese is melted and, hopefully, a bit brown on top, take it out of the smoker. (In my cajun cooker, the cheese generally will bubble a little bit, too.) Put the mold aside to cool down for a few minutes. While the mold is cooling, take pieces of crusty bread and scoop the molten cheese out of the pie pan with the bread. Stuff the cheese in your mouth and repeat until the pan is empty. NOW the mold should be cooled down enough to turn it upside down and decant a nice wad of smoked cheese in the shape of the mold.

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