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Name:Duck Confit Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Another one of those things once discovered, always necessary. Posted:2002-11-26
Key words:duck, fat, heart attack Category:Other
ID:281 Updated:2005-11-26 22:33:27
Ingredients:a duck, non-stringy
Preparation:Well, I have probably done a Bad Thing (at least for the state of my veins):
I have learned to make duck confit. Waaay too easy. And one of the members
of the ambrosial family. I probably snacked up my entire week's fat
allowance this afternoon.

All you need is duck (may lightening not strike me down, but I found
myself eyeing the two renegade drakes in the chicken yard; thank goodness they're too old and tough), duck fat, thyme, garlic and a deep pot. Simmer at
about 190 for a couple of hours, until the meat wants to fall off the bone and
Bob's yer uncle.
Notes:A little goes a long way; it is incredibly rich. Most of it's going into
the thanksgiving cassoulet, but I made extra. It shall lurk in the freezer
until such a time that food miracles on short notice are required, then
*wallah* confit and bean salad; confit risotto, etc, etc, etc.

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