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Name:Candied Sweet Potatoes Contributor:Tom Dietrich
Description:It's all approximations, so cook beware... ;{> Posted:2002-12-03
Key words:candied, sweet, potatoes Category:Side Dishes
ID:296 Updated:2006-01-09 16:28:18
Ingredients:6 really big sweet potatoes, the ones that are red inside, we're talking 4"-6" in diameter
1/4 lb of butter
maple syrup (1 cup?)
brown sugar
1/2 tsp of each: cinnamon (maybe a little more of this), nutmeg, ground allspice, ground cloves and ground ginger
miniature marshmallows to cover
Preparation:This year, I wrapped the sweet potatoes in foil and baked them for an hour, then easily
pulled off the skin and diced them in 1" pieces. I then put the pieces in a large baking pan.

Put butter in a small (5" dia.) sauce pan. Add maple syrup
to about 3/8" deep. Throw in a large hand full of brown sugar. Then
what I think of as pie spices. Simmer the mixture.

Gently turn the sugar mixture into the sweet potatoes and bake at 350 for
about 30 minutes. If you're going to serve them immediately, cover
the mixture in miniature marshmallows for the last 20 minutes or
until they turn golden brown.
Notes:If you're taking these to a potluck, wait until you're there to
do the marshmallows. The first year I did this, I put the
marshmallows in and took them to Lee & Kristen's, only to discover
upon arrival that they had melted into the mixture. So I put *more*
on and browned them. ;{) Nobody complained. ;{>

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