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Name:Flash's Jerky Recipe Contributor:Beth Dixon
Description:Flash's Jerky Recipe from the Deer he killed with his KLR Posted:2001-09-12
Key words:venison jerky Category:Other
ID:313 Updated:2005-11-27 13:30:05
Ingredients:8 oz (2-4 oz bottles) of Liquid Smoke(tm)
8 oz Kikkoman Soy Sauce(tm)
4 oz STRONG (liquid) black coffee
4 big cloves fresh garlic, run through mincer
2 Tbsp black ground pepper
1 tsp cayenne pepper
1 Tbsp onion powder
1 tsp Marie Sharp's Fiery Hot Habanero Pepper Sauce(tm)(or substitute 1 Tbsp of Tobasco(tm))
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp curry powder
1 ? whatever you think you oughta throw in there (I sprinkled in a little ginger)
(You don't need any salt because soy sauce has a bunch in it already.)
Preparation:Cut Bambi, the hooved rat, into strips, trying to get rid of as much fat and hair and twigs and dirt and stuff as you possibly can.

The above quantity of liquid will marinade about 5-10 pounds of meat, I guess. Put the meat in the liquid in some sort of non-metallic container, preferably Tupperware(tm) or something like it that seals so you can shake it.

Shake the hell out of it every hour or so, or whenever you think about it. Leave the meat in there, in the fridge, for at least twelve hours. For some reason, this marinade makes the meat very tender. Must be an enzyme thing, I dunno.

Get a couple of cookie sheets and line them with a double layer of paper towels, unless you have some cheese cloth, which would be preferable. Lay out the meat in a single layer. It doesn't really matter if the pieces touch. It doesn't matter if they are dripping when you lay them out.

Put the cookie sheets in the oven on "Warm," as low as you can get it and still have it on. Leave them alone for twelve hours.

It is probably best to leave the house because it smells REALLY GOOD any you'll be temped to "check on it".

They really need to stay in there for 12-18 hours. But after about twelve hours, it's ready to start "checking". I took mine out after fifteen hours and, after letting it cool a bit, put what was left of it in a Ziploc(tm) bag.
Notes:WARNING, if you have household animals, they will steal your jerky, wolf it down, and then vomit it back so you not only don't get your share, but have to clean up the mess. So don't leave it anywhere near the edge of a counter. If you have cats, kill them, make jerky, and feed it to a dog.

By the way... put the cookie sheets in the sink and soak them with some hot water to unstick the cooked-on paper towels. There is almost no mess to clean up after the towels loosen up and slide off.

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