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Name:Chicken Soup Contributor:Shasta Willson
Description:General instructions for chicken soups Posted:2005-11-22
Key words:leftovers, chicken Category:Soups
ID:33 Updated:2006-01-10 11:34:48
Ingredients:Carcass of one roasted chicken (or other fowl) and pan drippings/leftover gravy
1-2 c meat from same
Bullion (I like Knorr)

Some of:
corn (fresh or frozen)
wild or brown rice
fresh greens (collards etc.)
other leftovers
Preparation:Simmer the carcass, skin, fat, drippings, etc. for several hours. It should practically melt apart.

Strain the broth and add meat and other ingredients. I especially like these combinations:

wild rice, green apple, celery and corn
variety of vegetables
Matzo balls (use the recipe on the box)
potatoes and collard greens with garlic

Season to taste with bullion, salt and pepper. Thyme is good too, but if you've used leftover veggies and/or rice, it may be pre-seasoned.
Notes:Not so sure this is a recipe, but it does make great chicken soup, and it's so simple if you're in the habit of roasting chickens anyhow. I keep a bag in the freezer and add bones and such to it when we have chicken parts too, then throw them in the pan to roast a bit before making stock with them. I keep a container in the freezer to add leftover wild rice, veggies, etc. too. (As long as you do this often enough not to get too much of a hodgepodge...)
Equipment:Big stockpot, strainer.

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