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Name:Giblet Gravy Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Classical Giblet Gravy from (and for) your Classical Turkey Dinner Posted:1999-10-29
Key words:turkey, giblets Category:Sauces
ID:388 Updated:2005-11-27 16:11:10
Ingredients:See Instructions
Preparation:Cook the turkey in something that saves the drippings without burning
them. That may require occasionally adding water to the roasting pan
(in which you have already scattered hacked onions, carrots, and celery,
or the like). Oven bags make for *truly wonderful* gravy, if you can
stand the idea.

IN THE MEANTIME, finely chop the gizzard and heart. Use of the liver is
optional. Simmer gizzard, heart, and neck in a few cups of water for
a while.

When the turkey is done:
Pour off the drippings, straining out the veggies. If you used a roaster,
put it on a burner on low heat, and deglaze with a glassful of nice
white wine.

Skim or pour off as much as possible of the fat. Combine the drippings
with the stock and bits from the innards. Stripping meat off the neck
is optional.

For each cup of broth, throw a tablespoon of turkey fat in a large pan.
When hot and NOT sizzling (you want to simmer any remaining water out),
add a tablespoon of flour, stir until lump free. Add stock.

Season to taste. Salt, pepper, cayenne, worcestershire are not
uncommon. Occasionally the merest dash of sugar will bring out missing
flavor elements. Simmer. Serve hot; it's our belief that a gravy of
adequate viscosity at serving temperature will solidify when cool.

If you prefer a clearer gravy, you can thicken with corn starch:
Stir a teaspoon of cornstarch per cup of stock into cold water until it
dissolves, add to the gravy. Cornstarch will break down if simmered
too briskly, so do that last.
Notes:We have a list of a sixty-seven things to do with leftover turkey!


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