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Name:Scotch Scallops Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Inebrious elegant scallop dish Posted:2003-12-16
Key words:seafood Category:Main Dishes
ID:414 Updated:2005-11-26 16:07:57
Ingredients:Cook prep:
2 glasses red wine

Food prep:
big beautiful scallops* (about a half pound for two people)
bacon grease (1-1.5 tbs for two)
garlic butter
Glendronach 1977 single cask (or other 25 year old Glendronach)
Preparation:If the scallops have been frozen or seem excessively moist, drain
in a sieve, saving the juices. (This isn't absolutely necessary,
but will allow you to get a much nicer brown.)

Have a shot of the Glendronach with your appetizers, so the bottle is
out and accessible when you start cooking.

Drink the first glass of red wine while discussing the menu.

Melt bacon grease and butter over high heat.
Brown scallops both sides, let cook through, reducing heat if they're cooking too fast.

Sip some more red wine while the scallops brown. You must consume that precise quantity of wine that still allows you to cook safely, but leaves you convinced that the Scotch didn't cost THAT much what the heck, or you'll be sloshing a nice pinot grigio over your scallops, which would be excellent, but wouldn't be this recipe.

Reduce heat.
Remove scallops to a warm plate.
Add any saved scallop juice to the pan, and reduce briefly.
Sprinkle about a teaspoon of the Glendronach into the pan, stir while the sizzling subsides, pour over the scallops.

Serve. If I were eating carbohydrates, I'd probably want to serve a nice nutty/cheesy risotto alongside.
Notes:Raise your hands: How many of you thought "he means SCOTS scallops."?

It's said "don't cook with any liquor that's not good enough to drink",
but sometimes, perhaps, a person might go a bit overboard.


This dish is not merely good, but astoundingly good.

Likely other good Highland malts would work. I am unsure about smokey Islays, further investigation is called for.

*If I find you've wasted 25 year old Glendronach on those tough tasteless little pseudo scallops, I'm going to be deeply disappointed.

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