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Name:Sunday Dinner Contributor:Carl Paukstis
Description:I couldn't resist entering this, even though it's not strictly a recipe Posted:2003-12-22
Key words:Suthun Category:Other
ID:418 Updated:2005-11-26 16:18:54
Ingredients:See Instructions
Preparation:>Sounds like somebody just had a Christmas-past deja

Naw, just Sunday dinner at Grandma Susie's, any Sunday that several of the
aunts and cousins decided to go visit the Old Home Place. The main dish
would usually be fried chicken. Often some chicken stew ("chicken and
dumplings") and occasionally Irish stew ("beef stew with tomatoes").
Creamed field corn (animal-feed quality, not the on-a-cob sweet corn)
in season. If one of the homeboys had been lucky, some stewed squirrel
and/or some fried gar or crappie or chinq-a-pien. Holidays, there'd be a
turkey and/or a ham or two - along with Aunt Mary's pecan pie, Gramma's
egg custard pie, "fried pies" made from rolled-out canned Pillsbury
biscuit dough and stewed persimmons or stewed store-bought dried fruit
folded and pinched up like a Hostess Fruit Pie then fried very hot in
shallow fat for just enough to turn golden brown.

After dinner (the noontime meal) and a little restin' on the front porch
and chewin the fat, the youngsters would be sent across the road to pick
peas or beans or corn if it was ready, and the middlin-old would sit and
shell peas or beans or whatever needed tendin'. Slowly. No air
conditioning out on the Old Home Place until about '80 or '82. Grandma
Susie passed in '83.

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