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Name:Smoked Poultry Contributor:Lee Hart
Description:general tips for well-smoked poultry Posted:2005-11-26
Key words:poultry Category:Main Dishes
ID:429 Updated:2006-04-08 20:53:39
Ingredients:turkey or chicken
Preparation:There are some good smoker cookbooks (mine are at home; let me know if you're interested and I can get the relevant info). I use a Big Green Egg grill/smoker. I've both smoked and roasted turkeys in it, as well as smoking wings. For whole birds, I heartily recommend a Spanek Vertical Roaster. Put 'shrooms, herbs, etc. under the skin. With time and practice, you can even get your hand down around the legs. The 'shrooms give off plenty of water to keep everything moist and also to help infuse the meat with the herbs and spices. I also used a baster w/ a needle tip to inject wine into the bird. (I avoid adding fat where I can so I don't inject butter).

Your smoker probably has a tray for a water bowl under the meat; mine doesn't, so I use a 14" pizza stone (wonderful things) to diffuse the heat when I'm smoking wings. The first time I didn't and the bottoms were a bit dry from the radiated heat from the charcoal.
Notes:I also recommend lump charcoal. After a few times using this, you'll probably stop using briquettes. Less stuff left over, easier to light, longer lasting, better flavor.
Equipment:Big Green Egg; 14" pizza stone

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