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Name:MADchiladas Contributor:Michael Davis
Description:Enchiladas in a crock pot. Posted:2003-02-13
Key words:enchiladas, chicken Category:Main Dishes
ID:448 Updated:2005-11-28 12:12:17
Ingredients:4 boneless chicken breasts
1 can diced tomatoes with green chiles (usually near the taco
shells/seasonings in the market)
Hot sauce to taste (I like Pico-Pica)
Soft tortillas
Grated cheese (I use the pre-grated, lazy-yuppies-pay-extra "3-cheese Blend")
Sour cream/Guacamole
Preparation:Chicken goes in, empty tomatoes on top and spread around, then the hot
sauce. Set the pot on "Low". Now get out of there...you're already late
for work.

When you get home you'll be greeted with amazing smells emanating from the
kitchen. You'll be tempted to remove the lid and wonder at your creation.
If it's been less than 8 hours, kindly withdraw thine hand from yon lid
or, if you must yield, you may spin the top and clear the condensation
while standing there frustrated because you still can't see inside. Just
don't pull the top or the lost heat may add cooking time.

If it's been 8 hours, take the top off and leave it off for 15-20 minutes.
There'll be lots of liquid and removing the top helps it reduce. This is
also the time to seperate the breasts into tortilla friendly strips. The
weight of the wooden spoon alone should be sufficient to break things up.
We're talking moist and tender, baby.

Get out the guacamole, sour cream and cheese. Now put the guacamole back in the fridge and hide it behind the leftover cordon bleu from New Year's Eve
because I hate guacamole and believe no one should ever eat it.

Prepare the first round's tortillas by sandwiching them between moist
paper towels and microwaving for 15 seconds. Prep and fill your tortilla
(not a euphemism) and try to take a bite without your eyes rolling into
the back of your head. Fair warning: this is a juicy business...be
prepared for drips.

There you have it. It reads like an involved process but in reality
you're looking at 5 minutes work on either side of actual cooking time.
And oh man is it tasty.
Notes:As I am the official Lazy Cuss(tm), I tend to use my crock pot quite often.
Though none of my "recipes" compare against some of the 5-star fare
offered here, I figure there might be someone equally indolent who would
appreciate some easy, yes-even-you-can-do-this-without-screwing-up help
finding the shortest distance twixt the crock and the lip.

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook time: 8 hours
Feeds: 2-4
Leftovers: Good luck. I've had people get *angry* that it was all gone
after they'd already had thirds.
Equipment:Crock pot

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