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Name:BIG Enchiladas Contributor:Carl Paukstis
Description:BIG Enchiladas Posted:2003-04-30
Key words:enchilada, ground beef, chicken, Mexican Category:Main Dishes
ID:459 Updated:2006-01-09 10:34:09
Ingredients:1 small onion
1 lb ground beef or chicken
1 envelope McCormick Fajita seasoning
1 Tbsp cumin powder
1 tsp Lawry's seasoned salt
4 flour tortillas, "Burrito size"
olive oil or butter, divided
1 can (12 oz) Enchilada Sauce (I used West's; substitute Old El Paso?)
1 can (8 oz?) Ro-Tel chopped tomatoes & green chilis
1 big can (12 oz?) Frito-Lay HOT bean dip with jalapenos
8 thick (1/4"?) Velveeta slices from the end of a Large (3lb?) box.
Preparation:Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Saute onion in heavy 10" skillet until starting to turn clear, then
add ground meat and cook until almost browned. Add packaged seasoning
and cumin powder, raise heat and brown thoroughly. Dump mixture into
handy container like a plastic butter bowl. Wipe skillet.

Open cans and set other ingredients out around a big plate or cutting
board. Get out a largish loaf pan long enough to hold rolled-up
tortillas, or use 8x12 baking dish.

Put about 1 tsp olive oil or butter in skillet on medium-low heat. Flop
in a tortilla. Wait until it starts to puff up good (~1 minute?), then
turn it over and wait another 30 seconds or so. Slide it out onto your
work plate, add olive oil or butter and start the next one.

Meanwhile, spread 1/4 of the bean dip on the first tortilla, pile 1/4
of the meat down the middle, spread a big heaping spoon of enchilada sauce
and 1/4 of the tomatoes & chilis along the top, top with 2 thick
chunks of Velveeta, roll it up and flop it in the loaf pan/baking dish.

Repeat for all 4 tortillas. Spread enchilada sauce over the top (and in
between, if you stacked them in a loaf pan). Need quite a bit sauce.
Top with more cheese if desired.

Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. OK, 15 if you're hungry.

Makes 4 BIG enchiladas.

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