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Name:WinterHook Clone Contributor:James Broglio
Description:This is the recipe from the first batch which got drank before the actual brewoff Posted:1995-02-23
Key words:Beer Category:Beverages
ID:470 Updated:2005-11-27 18:57:53
Ingredients:6# Dry Amber Extract
3# Dry light Extract
1/2# 60 degree L Crystal malt
1/2# Carastan Malt
2oz. Kent Golding Hops (Boil)
1oz. Cascade Hops (10 minutes)
3oz. Blackstrap Mollasses
Wyeast Brittish Ale yeast
Preparation:Steep the grains from cold; hold temp and steep 15 - 20 minutes @ 150 -
160 degrees.
Sparge and remove grains.
Add extract and boil one hour.
Add 2oz. Kent Goldings and boil 45 minutes.
Add Cascades and molasses for last 10 minutes of boil.
Notes:The batch described above was very good; although a little sweet for my
Next time I will change the yeast to either a London or something with
a little more 'bite'.
Best served around 50 degrees.

Brewoff changes:
The brewoff batch had the following differences:
Instead of Carastan I used 1/2# of Munich Malt
Instead of Wyeast Brittish i used liquid #1056 (American?)

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