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Name:Grilled Curried Chicken Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Grilled curried chicken Posted:2003-06-23
Key words:chicken, grilled, Indian Category:Main Dishes
ID:481 Updated:2006-04-01 22:21:18
Ingredients:6 lbs chicken (thighs are best. Breasts should be boned.)
2-4 Tbsp of your favorite curry powder
garlic juice to taste
salt to taste
Preparation:Whisk garlic juice into curry powder.
Add enough vinegar to make a thick slurry.
Massage well into the chicken.
Sprinkle with salt to taste.
Optionally, crank it up a notch with some fresh ground pepper, Sarawak for choice.
Let marry for an hour or two.
On our gas grill, I add a handful or two of cherry chips for a touch of
Try for a well browned crust and a juicy interior.

(Preheat grill to blazing. Put chicken on skin-side down. When the skin
is about to burst into flames, turn. When the meat side is nicely browned,
move the chicken off the flame (I turn off the front burner and put the
chicken there) and continue to cook until nicely done.)

This last time, we used breasts. I decided that some oil would help the
flavors penetrate and keep the meat from getting too dry:

Add enough vinegar to the garlic juice and curry powder to make a thick
paste. Whish in a tablespoon or two of good olive oil, then finish with
enough vinegar to make a thick slurry.

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