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Name:Enchiladaz Hints Contributor:Rick McKee
Description:enchiladas, hints on Posted:2002-09-19
Key words:pasilla, tomatillo, love Category:Main Dishes
ID:504 Updated:2005-11-29 14:10:53
Ingredients:chile verde
Preparation:> >If you figure out a way to make a good verde enchilada sauce, let us know.
> >My wife makes a pretty good red sauce, but it is time consuming.
> I'll note the brand of the can I'm going to use.
>add in the Border Sauce, and since I have no idea
>where the hell in Pullman you'd find anything that
>Rick McK suggested, I'll probably bake a couple of
>Anahiem peppers ( rub in olive oil ) and mince after
>peeling the skin off. The other big dark pepper
>they have fresh looks kinda sinister.

The store should have tomatillos in the can, if not fresh. Is the
"sinister" pepper a very dark green (looks like a pointed bell pepper)with
shiny skin? If so, that's most likely a Passilla pepper. These are
slightly hot with an intense, smokey pepper flavor. They are used for
chili relleno and help make a great verde sauce. Go for it!

> >Speaking of time consuming, like you I used to bathe each tortilla in sauce
> >before assembling the enchiladas, but lately I have simply been assembling
> >them and then pouring the sauce over the whole lot. It seems to work pretty
> >well and is a lot less messy, though it helps if you make the filling a bit
> >saucier (consistency, not Ken ;-).
> Sometimes I just baste one side, the inside, and then after they're
>all in the glass backing dish, I'll pour the red sauce over each. not too much
>though if I'm freezing em for campouts.
> R-

If using flour tortillas, heat up in sauce to make the tortilla pliable...
If using corn tortillas, dip in hot frying oil for a second or two to make
pliable. Enchiladas are a labor of love, don't skimp on the love!

Rick Mc

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