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Name:Mojitos #2 Contributor:Leigh Ann Hussey
Description:The more orthodox Mojito method, muddled Posted:2003-11-10
Key words:rum, mint, lime, fizz Category:Beverages
ID:528 Updated:2005-12-02 08:43:14
Ingredients:2-3 oz light rum (but not white, that's boring)
1 lime
2 cubes demerara sugar (or 1/2 oz simple syrup)
8-10 sprigs mint
fizzy water (classically, plain, tho' I've used lime-flavored to good effect)
Preparation:Drop two cubes of demerara sugar in the bottom of a pint glass, add a splash of fizzy water and some (you get to decide how much is "some") mint. Bash it up with a muddler until it smells like spearmint gum (unless you used peppermint).

Roll a lime on the counter under your hand to make it soft and easier to juice; cut the lime in half. Squeeze half the lime into the glass and drop the hull in; squeeze in the other half and throw the hull away.

Pour in rum. Add ice to about the full of the glass, and stir. Then top it up with fizzy water and garnish with another mint sprig.
Notes:My personal favorite summer cocktail. I'm kinda glad it got trendy because it was hard for me to get before (which is how I became so adept at making them myself at home).

Close relation of the Caipirinha and the (classic, non-slushy) Daiquiri, all three being drinks that involve cane-sugar distillates and lime.

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