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Name:Smoked Christmas Turkey Contributor:Brian D.Williams
Description:Smoked Christmas Turkey Posted:2004-12-26
Key words:smoked turkey, bbq Category:Main Dishes
ID:546 Updated:2006-04-15 20:49:51
Ingredients:1 turkey cut into major components - breasts, thigh/leg, and wings, then take whatever meat is left over from the carcass

2 ancho peppers
2 chilis de California
3 or 4 chilis de arbol
1-1/2 c of water
3 Tbsp marjoram
3-4 cloves of garlic
2 c orange juice
3 limes
1/4 c brown sugar
Preparation:Core and seed the peppers according to your taste: more core and seeds left = hotter; less core and seeds left = milder.* Place peppers in sauce pan with water. Bring to a boil and simmer until the water is absorbed by the chilis. They should be good and soft. Place in a blender with marjoram, garlic, orange juice and the juice of three limes. Blend well. Add brown sugar and blend again.

Divide turkey sections evenly and place into ziploc bags with the marinade and let sit overnight.

Smoke or barbecue the turkey with your wood of choice at moderately high (for smoking) temperatures - I keep my barbecue at around 250-300 degrees - until done. Save the smaller bits to broil and munch on while waiting for the main portion of the bird to cook.
Notes:For my family (two sons who love habanero death level heat, a daughter and wife who don't), I typically seed about half of the peppers to give a nice balance of flavor and heat.

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