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Name:Oil-Roasted Garlic Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Oil-Roasted Garlic Posted:1996-10-20
Key words:garlic Category:Other
ID:56 Updated:2006-05-10 17:51:09
Ingredients:Lots of peeled garlic (Costco sells them in 3 pound jars)
1/4 c white wine (alternate vermouth or sake)
good olive oil
Preparation:If you peel your own garlic: separate the cloves, slice off the root end and the tip if it's hard and sharp, then rub each briskly between your palms and the skin will fall off.

Put garlic and white wine in a deep saucepan, shake down, just cover with olive oil. Bring to a boil, simmer 10 to 15 minutes until golden (Oregon summer tan, not as dark as California beach tan). Drain, saving the garlic oil for salads and cooking.
Notes:If you're going to eat this stuff, make sure the fan works in your bathroom.


Carol adapted the oil roasting method for the garlic from "Forty Clove of Garlic Chicken". She started roasting garlic because the fresh garlic gets stale too fast, and we'd read a mildly disturbing story about fresh garlic stored in oil. The recipe makes a huge batch of roasted garlic cloves, which we never managed to get through before *they* got stale, but they lasted longer than the fresh. Whole roasted garlic is tastier and has more panache (Mike, thank Peggy), but it's more complicated to eat.

Added 2 January 2002:

I'm not certain the wine is mandatory, but at least some of the time that I've left it out, the bottom garlic browned too fast. That may not be cause and effect, I haven't bothered to do a proper test.

I've taken to always nipping off the root end before cooking, so the hard little nubs don't get in the way later.

Garlic also freezes not too badly. Allioli (smush garlic in a mortar, add oil as if making mayonnaise) and garlic butter last quite a while, and are convenient (especially the allioli) to smear on things before cooking.

Garlic, like joy, should be shared with the one you love.
But for different reasons.

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