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Name:Cornish Game Hen, Stuffed Contributor:Bill Johns
Description:fennel-infused cornish game hens Posted:2000-03-15
Key words:fennel, game hen Category:Main Dishes
ID:566 Updated:2006-01-14 18:22:21
Ingredients:1 jar grape leaves (in brine)
1 plant fennel
2 cornish game hens
a little Crisco or butter or lard (not much, use whatever oil-type stuff
you want)
Preparation:Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
Drain but do not rinse grape leaves.
Take hen, remove guts, rinse in cold water and dry off.
Smooth fat of your choice over skin of bird. If you have a particularly
fatty bird, don't use much, it's to keep the bird more moist.
Salt and pepper bird lightly.
Take fennel bulb and chop in half, stuffing 1/2 into each bird.
Then take the fennel tops (the ferny part) and lay them on the skin of
the birds, then wrap the lot in grape leaves. Bascially, just turn each
bird into a little grape leaf mummy packed with fennel.
Smear each mummy with a little of the lard to help the grape leaves from
drying out too quickly.

Put the wrapped birds into a roaster pan, and bake for at least an hour,
maybe longer, depending on size of bird, etc. etc.

The finished product will have a mild taste of fennel all throughout the
flesh of the bird.

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