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Name:Roasted Garlic Allioli Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Roasted Garlic Allioli Posted:1994-04-25
Key words:garlic Category:Other
ID:57 Updated:2006-04-04 21:50:14
Ingredients:Batch of Oil Roasted Garlic
Preparation:Make a batch of Oil Roasted Garlic. Allow to cool below plastic melting or skin searing temperatures. Drain enough oil so the remaining oil _just_ covers the garlic. Blend, process or otherwise puree. Refrigerate. Some oil will separate out. It's possible that draining all the oil, thoroughly pureeing the garlic, then adding the oil back slowly while blending would create a better emulsion. Being lazy, I haven't tried.

This would probably be prettier if you sieved it. If I were serving it in a restaurant instead of to a tough biker gang, I'd probably do that.
Notes:If you're going to eat this stuff, make sure the fan works in your


Alioli (literally, garlic and oil) is an ancient mediterranean dish, made by crushing garlic with salt and beating in olive oil until it's thick. Probably the brutal, primitive ancestor of mayonnaise. As some of you know, the fresh garlic version is just a _bit_ strong =8-0 so with too many of those rich, sweet, tasty roasted garlics lying around the house getting old, roasted garlic alioli was obvious.

Added 2 January 2002:

Garlic also freezes not too badly. Allioli (smush garlic in a mortar, add oil as if making mayonnaise) and garlic butter last quite a while, and are convenient (especially the allioli) to smear on things before cooking.

Garlic, like joy, should be shared with the one you love.
But for different reasons.

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