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Name:Chicken Cabbage Chile Pasta Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Southwestern style chicken cabbage chile pasta Posted:2001-10-29
Key words:masa, chicken thighs, cumin Category:Main Dishes
ID:574 Updated:2006-01-09 17:11:43

1 c masa harina para tamales
2/3 c warm water
(Follow Masa directions below.)
Result is 3/4 c masa*

3/4 c flour
1 egg
generous pinch salt
garlic juice to taste (about 2 garlic equivalents)

2 Tbsp oil
2 Tbsp whole cumin
1 lb chicken thighs, sliced thin, seasoned lightly with soy sauce and sake.

1/2 cabbage, sliced (Kitchenaids have many uses)
salt to taste
2-4 Tbsp chili powder to taste
garlic to taste (about 2)
(Mix Masa ingredients, *~1/4 C was lost due to earlier experiments)

Boil water.

Beat masa until it breaks up. Add flour, continue beating to blend, add salt and egg. Let mix for a bit, form a ball, knead briefly. Separate into three equal parts, run through pasta machine until reasonably elastic, then press to #2 on the dial. Reserve.

Heat oil very hot. Saute cumin until it's toasty brown and smelling yummy.
Fry chicken in small batches over high heat until lightly brown (the cumin should be removed with the first batch of chicken); reserve.

Throw cabbage in pan, saute until it begins to wilt, reduce heat and add chili powder (I added somewhere between 2 and 4 Tbsp, probably), salt to taste.
Stir until cabbage is wilted, return chicken and any juices to pan, stir,
reduce heat to low, cover.

Slice pasta (fettucine style. I doubt that spaghetti would hold together with that much corn), drop in boiling water. When pasta is al dente, drain, add to chicken/cabbage/chili mixture, toss thoroughly. Serve.
Notes:Subject: watizit

Carol bought me the Kitchenaid pasta machine (not the pasta extruder, which I think we still have somewhere but it's only tolerable). In case anybody was wondering, it's DEAD COOL. If I didn't already say that.

This morning, I woke up wondering if a pasta machine would be suitable for making tacos. I whipped up a batch of masa harina para tamales, and did some complicated scientific experiments involving deep mathematics and incomprehensible physics (I ran a ball of dough through the press).
No, you can't make tacos in a pasta machine. I didn't think so, and I was right; Science Triumphs Again.

This afternoon, when Carol and I started discussing dinner ("I have a pasta machine. Or did you want to make dinner?"), I made my plan around the lump of masa sitting in the fridge. I haven't the remotest idea what to call this. "Southwestern style chicken cabbage chile pasta" doesn't roll trippingly off the tongue.

Living well is the best revenge.

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