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Name:Garlic Butter Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Garlic butter ala Martin Posted:2001-12-03
Key words:garlic, butter Category:Other
ID:578 Updated:2006-04-01 21:49:45
Ingredients:4-8 fat juicy cloves of garlic
1 lb butter
Preparation:Four large garlic cloves per pound of butter.

Pestle garlic to a smooth pulp.

Cream butter in Kitchenaid.

Add garlic, let mix.

Wrap the gob of butter in plastic wrap, pat into about 1" rolls (you could do that barehanded, the plastic wrap reduces loss), freeze thirty minutes (don't do that naked, unless you like garlic ice cream), re-roll to neaten, cut into serving lengths and rewrap.
Notes:Three different people asked me for the recipe for the garlic butter we served at Pasta Veloce. "Well, garlic, and butter." doesn't really help a whole lot.
The Secret is: Mortar and pestle.

When you chop garlic, you always have hot spicy little bits of garlic, the maximum tolerable density of which limits the garlic/butter ratio. By pestling the garlic cloves into a smooth pulp, the little bits are eliminated entirely, and the g/b ratio is limited only by the maximum tolerable garlic. (If you _like_ the hot spicy little bits, add one or two finely chopped garlic cloves to the pestled pulp. You'll still have a higher tolerable g/b ratio AND cheap endorphins.)

"We must dine together, or we will surely sleep separately."

Added 2 January 2002:

Garlic also freezes not too badly. Allioli (smush garlic in a mortar, add oil as if making mayonnaise) and garlic butter last quite a while, and are convenient (especially the allioli) to smear on things before cooking.

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