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Name:Preserved Habanero Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:Preserved Habanero Posted:1994-04-25
Key words:hot peppers Category:Other
ID:58 Updated:2006-04-03 08:42:26
Ingredients:1/2 pound Fresh habaneros
1 Tbsp Salt
Preparation:WARNING! use FULL STERILE PROCEDURES for seeding habaneros: Rubber gloves, eye protection, a plastic apron if you have one, a washable plastic cutting board. Discard or machine wash all tools on completion. (I once seeded a habanero barehanded, my thumbnails hurt for three days.)

Stem the habaneros; seed them. (I think a melon baller would be an easy tool to seed and stem halved habaneros, but we still have several months supply so I haven't had the opportunity to try.)
Pestle, process, blend, puree, or otherwise pulp the habaneros, add salt. Refrigerate. Seeding the habaneros is, of course, optional; our habanero pain threshold is below our habanero taste threshold, so we do.
Notes:If you're going to eat this stuff, make sure the fan works in your bathroom.


We built the preserved habaneros from a Hungarian recipe for preserving sweet red pepper; we like having habaneros in the house but they don't keep well. (In the same 'Fine Cooking' magazine was Gombo Paprikas, a mushroom goulash to _die_ for. Subscribe! it's the only cooking magazine that doesn't think it's actually a travel magazine.)

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