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Name:Whole Wheat Bread (Successful) Contributor:Matt "Cyber" Schreiner
Description:100% whole wheat bread success. Related to Whole Wheat Bread Posted:2001-12-31
Key words:yeast, olive oil Category:Other
ID:584 Updated:2006-04-11 22:13:00
Ingredients:1-1/2 c water
3 Tbsp olive oil
5 Tbsp honey, molasses or maple syrup
3-1/2 c King Arthur 100% White Whole Wheat Flour OR flour from freshly ground wheat berries, red or white
1 Tbsp Lora Brody Bread Dough Enhancer(tm)
1/4 c sunflower seeds, chopped*
1/4 c walnuts, chopped*
1-1/2 tsp salt
1-1/2 tsp instant yeast
Preparation:Basically I *omitted the nuts/seeds and went with molasses as it's what I had on hand. 5 tablespoons struck me as something that would have been way too much but I went with it and it worked anyway. I used regular gluten as I didn't have the "Lora Brody Bread Doh Enhancer" and me thinks that's the same stuff anyway. Olive oil also seems like a strange fat to use but I guess I'll see how it tastes in another 40 minutes or so when it's finished baking / resting. I made the dough in my bread machine, then flopped it into the glass bread pan, punched it down a bit, and let it rise 45 minutes before throwing it in the oven. Been in 20 minutes so far, it's raised another inch, and looks great.
Notes:Someone said:
> Try supplies from King Arthur's flour. Lots of good stuff there.
> www.kingarthurflour.com
> emma

Wow, yer my hero: ;)
(This no longer works. However, searching from http://www.kingarthurflour.com will find something exactly or very close to what Matt found.)
Equipment:Bread machine

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