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Name:Cranberry Clementine Cinnamon Sauce Contributor:Kathy Gill
Description:Cranberry Clementine Cinnamon Sauce Posted:2002-01-08
Key words:cranberries, cinnamon, mandarin oranges Category:Side Dishes
ID:592 Updated:2006-01-08 22:39:56
Ingredients:1 12-oz bag raw cranberries (washed)
3 clementines, washed, sliced thinly in 1/4 circles (skin on) or 2-3 seedless mandarin oranges, same prep
1 c brown sugar
1 c cold water
4 cinnamon sticks
Preparation:1. Put all ingredients in a large saucepan.
2. Cook over medium heat, stirring regularly, until cranberries become soft and the consistency is slightly more liquid than you'd like in the final version (as it cools, it will congeal).
3. Remove from heat. Cool in bowl overnight in refrigerator.
Notes:I used mandarin's the first time, because there were no clementine's in my market ... used clementines at Christmas. Couldn't detect a huge difference in taste -- but it "frothed" more and seemed to take longer to cook down with the clementines. BTW - they were quite tasty (and expensive!) -- sweet and tart at the same time.

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