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Name:Sourdough Pancakes (w/o Baking Soda) Contributor:Bill Johns
Description:Sourdough pancakes, comments on Posted:2002-01-11
Key words:baking soda removal Category:Main Dishes
ID:599 Updated:2006-04-08 21:45:55
Ingredients:Make Sourdough Pancakes
Omit baking soda in Morning Ingredients Phase 2:
Preparation:>On Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Diana Tracy wrote:
> > Mix together:
> > 1 tsp salt
> > 1 tsp baking soda
> > 2 Tbsp sugar
>One of the things I have learned when working with sour dough is that, if
>one has enough time, one may leave out the baking soda and allow the
>yeast to do its thing (raise the dough). One doesn't get the baking soda
>taste, but one has to get up a couple of hours earlier for the extra

I agree completely, the baking soda is something I'd work to leave out. You don't have to wait all that long. Start the sourdough the night before and let it get good and sour. Then, the next day proof a little yeast and toss it in a warm batter with the extra sugar. 85-90 F is excellent. Hey, in about 35 minutes or so, time to set the table and get the griddle ready, it should be bubbling and will be quite vigorous when it hits the hot griddle.

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