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Name:Cold Pasta or Pasta Salad Contributor:Jim Franklin
Description:Cold Pasta or Pasta Salad Posted:2002-08-05
Key words:anchovies, fish, pasta Category:Side Dishes
ID:611 Updated:2006-01-14 17:40:07
Ingredients:Sauce Ingredients:
mozzarella cheese
ripe tomatoes
canned tuna fish
extra virigin olive oil
fresh basil leaves

Pasta Ingredients:
A "short" and thick type of pasta (i.e. not spaghetti but maccheroni, pipe rigate, conchiglie, spirali, tortiglioni...) with a rather long cooking time (10 minutes or more.)
Preparation:Sauce Preparation:
Cut the mozzarella and the tomatoes in small dices, cut the anchovies and the olives in small pieces, rinse the tuna fish from the canning oil (bad!) and mix everything with the olive oil. Leave the basil leaves, some mozzarella and some tomatoes out of the dressing, they will be added on top afterwards, to give it a nice green-white-red look

Pasta Preparation:
Boil the pasta (as usual, in plenty of water so it's free to tumble about, salted to taste) until it's "al dente" (DO NOT overcook - taste the pasta 1 or 2 minutes before the suggested cooking time has expired and check if it has a "white" core of uncooked flour inside.

As soon as the white core has disappeared, stop the boil. Rinse well the pasta and let it cool off before dressing.

Final Preparation:
Add the dressing, add more olive oil if necessary to dress completely the pasta; add the topping of mozzarella and tomato dices and basil leaves.

This recipe can be prepared the many hours before (even the day before) and kept in the fridge. It can also be dressed when hot: in this case the mozzarella will melt.
Notes:I'm going to a moto campout this weekend and I wanted to make "engine salad" using this (from a friend in Italy):

For the Northerners, either those that are suffering the scorching heat of global warming and those who are enjoying the warmth of the great North, here's a new pasta recipe, just right for Summer. The Southern-emisphereans will have to go along with Bolognese sauce until November. Sorry.

Also as an alternative you can dress it with "rice salad dressing":
mozzarella, capers, tuna fish, olives, mushrooms, sausages, hard boiled eggs, boiled sweet corn and whatever comes to your mind that you usually put in rice salad. Extra virgin olive oil again. Do not use mayonnaise!

Drink beer or light, sparkling wine.
Suggested Italian beers (if you can find them) Moretti, Sans Souci, Peroni
Suggested Italian wines (non comprehensive list - it'd be too long) Lambrusco, Trebbiano, Vermentino


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