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Name:Margarita Chicken Pasta Contributor:Leigh Ann Hussey
Description:quick southwestern chicken and pasta Posted:2005-11-22
Key words:Southwestern, margarita, chicken, pasta Category:Main Dishes
ID:631 Updated:2006-04-02 12:09:51
Ingredients:fresh "Southwestern Chili" flavored linguini from Andronico's

Margarita Marinade:
double shot gold tequila
shot Cointreau
shot and a half lime juice

1 chicken breast
1 14-oz can low/non-fat chicken broth
1/2 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp leaf oregano
1 Anaheim pepper
cream or half and half
paprika or cayenne
Preparation:Mix up a double margarita in a non-reactive container.
Add one chicken breast -- boned or not, as you will.
Marinate AT LEAST 1/2 hour. Longer is better.

When the chicken's done marinating, add it, the marinade, and the low/non-fat chicken broth, ground cumin and leaf oregano to a saucepan, bring the whole lot to a boil, then turn down the fire and simmer it, covered, until the chicken is tender.

Somewheres along the way (closer to when you guess the chicken might be done), boil up water in another pot and cook the pasta. Also, char and peel one green New Mexico (aka Anaheim) chile, and chop it up mediumly.

When the chicken is just done through, remove it, let it cool some, and shred the meat off the bones (if there are bones, otherwise just shred) with two forks. While the chicken is cooling, reduce the brothstuff over a high flame by about half. Throw the shredded chicken back in, along with the chopped chile, turn off the fire immediately, finish with a drizzle of cream or half'n'half, then toss the sauce with the pasta. Sprinkle a little ground cayenne, or else some hot paprika, over the top before serving.
Notes:Inspired by, though not at all gotten from, "The El Paso Chile Company's texas Border Cookbook". Serves 4.

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