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Name:Thai Green Beans w/ Chicken Contributor:Aaron Burt
Description:Thai Green Beans w/ Chicken for Lazy People Posted:2005-09-25
Key words:prik khing, beans, chicken Category:Main Dishes
ID:637 Updated:2006-04-09 09:18:56
Ingredients:can of prik khing paste
couple Individually Quick Frozen chicken thighs
big handful of mostly-thawed green beans
Thai pepper
Preparation:Set a couple of frozen IQF chicken thighs on a plate under a stream of cool water from the tap. Once they're thawed, slice into bite-size pieces.
Toss a big handful of mostly-thawed green beans into a bowl, rinse off ice.
Heat up a skillet with a layer of oil on the bottom.

Open the can of prik khing paste, admire the deep earthy aroma of red chilis. Imagine the delightful smell they'll make when heated.

Then arrange for as much kitchen ventilation as possible. Front door open, back door open, box fan helping out the crossbreeze.

Fry the prik khing paste (about 1/4 cup) for a couple minutes, add chicken and brown it a bit, add ~1/2 cup water and scrape up the fond. Add the green beans and let it all boil down 'til you have a thick sauce.

Pull a Thai pepper and some ginger from the freezer, grate the ginger and slice the pepper, mix both into the food and serve.
Notes:Too much lollygagging after shopping at TJ's left me with a bag of mostly-thawed green beans when I get home yesterday. Dang. Well, I wanted to use my can of prik khing paste anyway.

I couldn't be arsed to boil rice, had extra green beans instead.

Yummy, low-effort. From reading _Bangkok 8_, I get the impression that Thai folks like things that way.

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