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Name:Stuffed Chicken w/ Wild Rice and Chicken Soup Contributor:Shasta Willson
Description:Stuffed Chicken with Wild Rice and Chicken Soup Posted:2005-11-21
Key words:chicken, rice, apples, multi-meal Category:Other
ID:682 Updated:2006-04-09 00:41:57
wild rice
granny smith (or other tart) apple
small chopped onion
fresh thyme
salt and pepper

a little corn
Preparation:Meal one (serves 2-3):
Soak and partially cook wild rice to fill the chicken (or plan ahead and have leftovers.)
Add chopped granny smith (or other tart) apple and a small chopped onion.
Season - fresh thyme would be good, or just salt and pepper.
Put inside the chicken, turn the chicken breast-side down in the pan and roast at 350-400 for a couple hours.

Enjoy, leaving a little meat and some stuffing.

Meal two (serves 3-6):
Strip every scrap of meat from the chicken and set aside (1-2 cups.)
Add any pan drippings, etc. from roasting.
Put the rest, including skin etc., into a stockpot and simmer with water for a few hours.
Strain and discard solids.
Add the remaining stuffing (1-2 c), some celery, a little corn (I used the last stale ear from the garden.)
Simmer, adding bouillion as needed for saltiness (I use Knorr brand.)
Notes:I tend to make soup as a second meal from a roast chicken:

Meal one (serves 2-3):
Enjoy, leaving a little meat and some stuffing.

Meal two (serves 3-6):
Yum. Lunch was the first bright spot today.

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