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Name:Cranberry-Orange Sauce Contributor:Kirsten Lewis
Description:Cranberry-blueberry Sauce Posted:2005-11-25
Key words:cranberries, orange Category:Sauces
ID:686 Updated:2006-01-08 22:37:53
Ingredients:1 bag of cranberries
juice of 1 orange
orange rind finely grated
1 c sugar
Preparation:I use a bag of cranberries, the juice of 1 orange into a cup measurement, then fill up the rest of the cup with water.
I finely grate the rind of the orange into the water, add 1 cup of sugar, then boil the cranberries until they are the right consistency.
Notes:Dean Woodward started it when he wrote:

> 24 oz fresh Cranberries
> 2 c Orange Juice
> 1 - 1.5 c Blueberries (frozen OK)
> 1/3 - 1/2 c sugar
> Combine cranberries & orange juice over medium heat until all berries
> split. You want a moderately thick sauce with some lumps left. Sweeten
> with sugar until just a little more tart than you really like, then
> remove from heat and add blueberries. Some will split, sweetening the
> sauce, while some won't, giving little pockets of sweetness.


Every year I make cranberry sauce, since I was about 7 years old and it's always met with skepticism when I'm a guest in someone's home. One such host shall remain nameless as the family is known to the list. I arrived at the home to find the veritable can of berries on a plate sitting there -- ridges and all. It was tucked away in the back, but there nonetheless. I put mine in the front and it was eaten. The can was not.

Scott asked, "Why do you want an orange?!" I explained why -- "Ewww, gross!" Once again, he was converted.

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