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Name:Cole Slaw Contributor:Edward Walsh
Description:Cole Slaw... Posted:2005-12-01
Key words:cabbage, Miracle Whip Category:Salads
ID:691 Updated:2006-01-14 17:46:08
Ingredients:2 1/2 heads cabbage, smallish, maybe 5-1/4" in diameter
(1-1/2 green, and 1 purple (red))*
2 c Miracle Whip**
1 c Best Foods mayonnaise
some milk
~3 oz cider vinegar
salt and pepper (I used sea salt and regular black pepper)
Preparation:Shred the cabbage with a conventional old style shredder. Use the face that has the roughly 1/4" diameter scalloped holes. I think the size of the shredding is important to get the right texture.

* In hindsight, the purple color and flavor it has overpowered things, and I'd probably do either all green, or 2 green and 1/2 purple, doing it again. I don't know the types of cabbage very well, but the type I used has a fairly compact firm round head.

Mix the colors of cabbage in a big bowl, if you use two colors. Add salt and pepper to the light end of what you want in the end.

In another bowl, mix the salad dressing and mayo, and then add milk until it has a consistency that seems like it will coat the cabbage well. It is better to have it less liquidy than more, because with moisture in the cabbage and the cider vinegar you will add it can get too runny if you are not careful.

** My mom's recipe uses all Miracle whip.

Salt and pepper the dressing mixture to taste, to the light end of things.

Pour the dressing mixture into the cabbage a bit at a time, coating the cabbage well. At this point, add any additional salt and pepper to taste. I thought of this too late, but it might be interesting to use white pepper instead of black at this point to give it a little zing.

Now, with everything mixed in the big bowl, start adding cider vinegar in small doses (I really don't know the quantity here, but as I said it looked to be about one fluid ounce per head of cabbage in this case, for a little under 3 total. Don't add it all at once, and add to taste.

I prepare this a couple of hours before the meal, putting it in the refrigerator in the mean time. It sort of has two tastes, one when you eat it "early" and another if you prepare it the day before or have it as leftovers. I like both effects.

If you have too much liquid in the Cole slaw, you just have to stir it up now and again to re-mix it. Maybe add a little more cabbage or salad dressing or mayo.
Notes:Here's the recipe for the Cole slaw I made for Lee and Kristen's Orphan's Thanksgiving dinner ['05]:

This is what I actually made, to some close approximation:


My mom's recipe uses only Miracle Whip (no mayo) and all green cabbage.

It looks like if you are making one cabbage heads worth of Cole slaw, you would start with about one cup of Miracle Whip, assuming no mayo. (I did this all free hand.)

A little milk.

A little cider vinegar. It looks like I wound up using a little under three fluid ounces in the end for this, so maybe 1 oz per cabbage head, but this is done to taste at the step it is added.

Salt and pepper (I used sea salt and regular black pepper).

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