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Name:Chopped Liver Contributor:Diana Tracy
Description:Chopped liver Posted:2005-12-20
Key words:bubbe's schmaltz, chicken livers Category:Main Dishes
ID:699 Updated:2006-01-08 19:53:59
Ingredients:2 lbs chicken livers, coarsely chopped
1 c flour
1-1/2 medium onions, coarsely chopped
1/2 lb shrooms, quartered or halved, depending on size
3/4 c madeira
Chicken broth (2 cups?)
Chicken fat (schmaltz) or butter
Salt and pepper to taste
Preparation:Melt a coupla Tbsp fat in a 10" cast iron skillet. Add onion, stir well, turn to low and sweat until clear.

Remove onions from pan. Add a coupla more Tbsp fat and sautee mushrooms until fragrant and beginning to brown a bit (use High Heat to get the browning). Add to reserved onions.

Add 3 Tbsp fat or so (you may have to add a bit more as the cooking goes on)
Dredge livers in flour, and shake off well (you low-carb folks can forego
the flower, but the sauce won't be as chewy). Add dredged livers. Cook on
medium-high heat until no longer pink, and the outsides are browned to your
taste. The flour will goo up with the juices, and you'll have to scrape and
turn, adding fat if necessary, throughout the process.

With heat still pretty high, add the Madeira, and cook, stirring and
scraping until it's almost all gone.

Add onions and shrooms. Stir together. Add chicken broth gradually, stirring and scraping until you develop a chunky sauce. Add and stir until you're satisfied with the consistency. (Remember that the shrooms will give off some liquid as they heat.)

Simmer for a couple of minutes, moving things about frequently.
Notes:Serve. (with oven fried spuds?) (with rice?) I usually slice a couple of
apples and provide a nice acid salad of some sort, along with a good tough
chewy bread.

Good heavy winter fare.
Equipment:Food processor? I'll give you such a pinch!

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