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Name:Stuffing Bread Contributor:Martin Golding
Description:bread purpose-made for turkey stuffing Posted:1995-12-12
Key words:stuffing, sage Category:Side Dishes
ID:709 Updated:2006-04-09 01:02:46
Ingredients:To the dry ingredients for your usual wheat bread, assuming 3 cups flour:
1 Tbsp rubbed sage (fresh would be better, but I'm a lazy bum and it was COLD outside)
1 tsp coarse ground black pepper
2 cloves garlic, pounded to a pulp or chopped very fine
1/8 c dried celery
1/4 c dried onion, lightly crushed by hand
1/4 c dried cranberries (lightly sweetened)
Preparation:It may take an extra ounce or so of water to compensate for that sucked up
by the dried stuff. If you make bread by hand you know what dough should
feel like.

If you can't find dried celery (we order ours from Pendery's), fresh may
work. You can omit the dried cranberries, but they add a nice counterpoint
to the spicy sage flavor.

I think it'd be worth substituting turkey stock for the liquid, but I'm
_particularly_ weird.
Notes:Since the bread machine does most of the work, we don't have to be at all
careful, so it was mostly "THIS is about right." But estimating
(a half palmful) as a tablespoon, and a THISMUCH (a handful) as 1/4 c.
Equipment:bread machine

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