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Name:SPAM Musubi Contributor:Leigh Ann Hussey
Description:SPAM Musubi from University of Hawaii Posted:1997-06-18
Key words:spam Category:Main Dishes
ID:728 Updated:2006-04-08 23:57:09
sticky rice
Preparation:Martin mentions Spam sushi. What he's actually referring to is a thing
called "Spam Musubi" in Hawaii (where, by the way, more Spam is consumed
annually than in the rest of the 49 combined). Here's the recipe:

Get somet'ing special 'bout da spam musubi's everybody else stay
grindin', or what? When I make 'em, it's like, reglah musubi -- only,
get spam inside.

Try: cook rice (da sticky kine), make 'em into one spam shaped block
about 1"-2" high, t'row one slice fried spam on top, and wrap da
buggah wit' nori. Da only hints I can 'tink of is, try wet yo' hands
and put little bit salt on top when you stay making da musubi shape
wit' da hot rice, and toas' da nori little bit first.


One nada hint: Use da spam can and use fo mold for da rice. Den da
slice of spam goin' fit perfect on top. If you can fin' furikake out
dea, mix it in da rice firs. Taste ono. You can put da kine ume
inside too, but I don't like um.

At da local plate lunch place around hea, I go into shock wen I see
dey like 75 cents for one small kine spam musubi. Ey, I can make ten
of dem for dat much!

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