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Name:Pelmeni Contributor:Leigh Ann Hussey
Description:Pelmeni, from Sergey Posted:1997-08-20
Key words:dumpling, ground beef, pork Category:Main Dishes
ID:733 Updated:2006-04-02 19:48:11
Ingredients:1 kilo flour
3-4 eggs
1.5 tsp salt
200 ml water
300 gr ground beef
300 gr ground pork
1 onion grated
Preparation:In a large bowl, mix the flour and the eggs; mix well. Add the salt
and water. Knead the dough with a bread mixer or by hand. Add more
water as needed to get the dough to a semi-hard, but pliable shape.

Mix the meats and onion and set aside. Add any other spices you
think may be necessary.

Cut dough with a knife to get thin stripes and then roll dough
between hands to get a log about a half inch wide. Cut pieces about
one half inch or so long from the dough. Take the pieces and an a
floured surface use a rolling pin to roll the cubes into thin round
pieces. Fill the center of the dough with a portion of the meat
mixture and then fold dough over the top. Pinch sides closed and
then fold corners back around and pinch together to seal everything.
Set aside on floured surface until finished with all the pieces.

Add a small amount of salt to a pan of water on the stove and bring
to a boil. Add the Pelmeni to the boiling water and cook covered
until the dough is softened and the meat inside is cooked, 15-20
minutes. Uncooked pelmeni can be stored in the freezer for some
time and then added directly to boiling water to prepare.

The Pelmeni should be served hot and are best when a small amount
of vinegar is poured over them. The water used to boil the pelmeni
can then be consumed as a soup.
Notes:A traditional Russian dish, pelmeni can be prepared ahead of time,
up to several weeks or months and then placed in the freezer.
Remove as many as you want and then drop into boiling water. In
Siberia, it was common to store them outside during the winter in
blocks of ice and then to break off what was needed.

Pelmeni are Russian poached pasties that have a meat
filling. When one says "pelmeni" he thinks of traditional
Siberian pelmeni. Neighbours gather after the frosts set
in for special "session" or "bees" where pelmeni are
made in quantities running into the thousands. They are
laid out on huge dough boards and carried outside to freeze,
after which they are dumped into sacks like so many pebbles
and stored away until needed.

To learn to cook pelmeni, it is necessary to visit Siberia.

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