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Name:Chile Verde con Carne de Venado Contributor:Paul Ritter
Description:green chile with venison Posted:1997-10-19
Key words:vension, pork Category:Main Dishes
ID:735 Updated:2006-01-10 11:46:44
Ingredients:One 4-5 lb pork roast or venison
One large onion
One large garlic clove
1 28-oz can stewed tomatoes
2 7-oz cans of green chili salsa (see note below)
2 7-oz cans of diced green chilis
Preparation:Debone the pork roast, remove excess fat and cut into 1/2" cubes. Chop
the onion and dice the garlic, then cook meat, onion and garlic in a large
dutch oven or stewpot on high heat until meat is browned. Turn to simmer,
add the remaining ingredients and cook, covered, for a long time. Four hours
is the minimum, 8-12 hours is better. Stir occasionally.

It can be eaten from a bowl like a stew, or used as a burrito filling. If
you are going for burritos, uncover and cook on medium for the last hour or
so until it reaches the proper thickness. Makes about 8 bowls or 16 burritos.
It freezes and re-heats very well.
Notes:NOTE: The original recipe called for pork, which in my opinion is even better
than the venison version. You could probably use chicken also. Maybe
alligator or kangaroo, too (you had to be there).

Note: When I last made this dish I got Ortega brand green chilis and green
chili salsa. This time I found the diced green chilis, but could not find
the salsa in any of the markets here in Corvallis. I don't know if Ortega
stopped making it, or if the stores here aren't smart enough to carry it.
In any case, it's important to get a green chili salsa, and NOT one of the
green salsas based on tomatillos. Check the ingredients list.

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