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Name:Almond Chicken Soup Contributor:Dean Woodward
Description:Almond Chicken Soup, peanut-free Posted:2007-10-29
Key words:Almond, chicken, peanuts, cashews Category:Soups
ID:849 Updated:2007-10-29 11:17:11
Ingredients:1 medium onion
1 tbsp garlic (probably more...)
2 bell peppers
2 cups almond butter*
2 cups chicken stock**
2 pounds sweet potatoes
2 28 oz. cans whole tomatoes
1 16 oz. can coconut milk
1.5 pounds chicken
curry powder, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper (all to taste)
cilantro to garnish (if you're into that sort of thing).
Preparation:Finely dice the onion and sweat with garlic and curry powder in the soup pot. Roast the peppers, peel the skins, dice, add to onions. Peel & cube the sweet potatoes, steam until tender. Slice up the canned tomatoes and drain. Add sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and coconut milk to soup, plus enough chicken stock** to just cover. Blend well with stick blender. Add almond butter*, mix well, and let simmer. Cube chicken, season (salt, pepper, light sprinkling of cayenne), brown well in separate pan, then add to soup. Served over rice, feeds six.
Notes:* I suppose you could substitute peanut butter, if allergies allow. ;-) Other alternatives might be soy or cashew butter, usually found near the almond butter machine.

** I used vegetable stock, as some guests were vegetarian; for them I split out a batch of the soup and added tofu instead of chicken. YGuestsMV.

This started out as a conglomeration of recipes for Chicken - Peanut soup, but one of the dinner guests was allergic to peanuts. It drifted to Cashew - chicken soup, but try to find cashews that don't have the words "may contain peanut oil" or "processing equipment may also be used for peanuts" on the packaging, so I used the machine and ground out some almond butter at the Freddy's. Anyway, the results seem to have been liked well enough, so here's what I did.

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