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Name:Sour Lettuce Contributor:Chris Denzler
Description:Sour Lettuce Posted:1994-08-19
Key words:bacon, vinegar Category:Salads
ID:86 Updated:2006-04-08 21:24:00
Ingredients:1 head red leaf lettuce
3-4 green onions
4-5 strips bacon, cut in 1" pieces
some vegetable oil
~1/3 c brown sugar
~1/4 c red wine or blueberry vinegar
Preparation:Wash and cut up the leaf lettuce and put in a bowl. Dice the green onions and place *on top* of the lettuce.

Cut the bacon up into about 1" pieces, fry until brown. Drain off bacon grease and replace it with an equal amount of vegetable oil, or a little less. Reheat the bacon in the oil until the bacon is sizzling again.

Put the brown sugar in a cup. Do not pack it down. Add red wine or vinegar until it covers the top of the brown sugar, or a bit more. Stir into a slurry.

Add brown sugar and vinegar mixture to the sizzling bacon. Be careful to watch your bacon/oil temperature or you could have splashing oil! Bring to a boil. Pour the boiling mixture over the green onions. The boiling stuff will cook the green onions just a tiny bit...That's why you left them on top of the lettuce.

Toss, and serve immediately.

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